Phil Davidson

ABC 702 Drive Show host, Richard Glover, discovered Blue Mountains singer/songwriter, Phil Davidson. It was his subsequent rendition of his song ‘Belfast Boy’ on the show that proved a massive hit amongst 702 listeners resulting in his signing to ABC/Universal Music and the launch of his full time music career. Prior to that Phil had been a high school music teacher. He is a songwriter and performer of the highest calibre. His songs are known for their wonderful turn of phrase, their self-effacing humour and their strong Celtic melodies. This is no surprise due to Phil being originally from Northern Ireland.

Phil is a regular on Richard Glover’s Drive show and TGIF along side some of the countries finest comedians. He has toured internationally, released numerous albums, has written for film, theatre and charity. His song “Love That Matters”, written to raise money for the Blue Mountains Fire Appeal, reached number 1 on the Australian Country charts in 2013. Phil has just returned from Nashville with a new album ‘Out Of The Dark’ (produced by Sam Hawksley) and swag of great new songs and stories to tell from his most recent journeys. Songs of light, faith and humour written with passion and honesty.

Phil has had 7 songs shortlisted and 2 in the final of the 2020 Australian Songwriters Awards.